Levee Stability / Channel Capacity

Levee evaluations for the SJRRP identify the need to remediate levees to convey Restoration Flows.

Priority 1 levees include levees that will convey a 2,000 cfs Restoration Flow within the current  Restoration Flow path (40 miles of levee); Priority 2 levees will convey a 2,500 cfs Restoration Flow that are not in Priority 1 (30 miles of levee); and Priority 3 levees will convey a 4,500 cfs Restoration Flow (65 miles of levee). Geotechnical data collection and evaluations will be followed by design and implementation of any levees that exceed USACE criteria for levee seepage and stability.

Priority 1 levee evaluations were completed in April 2015 and feasibility-level design is being conducted on a 3 mile segment of the Middle Eastside Bypass. Priority 2 and 3 feasibility-level design will be determined once the evaluations are complete. The current project costs do not include design or implementation of Priority 2 and 3 Levees.